Cyber security is constantly changing and new threats and vulnerabilities against businesses emerge every day.

One way to secure company assets, maintain an awareness of the vulnerabilities in your environment and respond quickly to mitigate potential threats is through a regular vulnerability assessment.

Identifying risks before hackers do will drastically improve the cyber security posture of your business.

Our qualified IT experts review the results of the vulnerability scans to provide a report, outlining key recommendations and threat remediation advice across:

Vulnerability Assessment

We are expert in identify, evaluating and assessing susceptibility high, medium and low risks in an organization. Through a vulnerability assessment approach, areas of weakness and potential actions that would exploit those weaknesses are identified, and effective security measures are implemented.

Vulnerability assessment

We deploy the following 6 steps in effectively performing vulnerability Assessment for our clients:

  • step-1

    Step 1

    We form an assessment team made up of key personnel who identifies critical infrastructure and key assets and are knowledgeable of controls risk.

  • 2

    Step 2

    We construct a blank Vulnerability Assessment matrix with columns for each risk, a possible scenario, the probability of an event, and the impact

  • 3

    Step 3

    We begin filling out a matrix for identifying technological risks and pit those against critical infrastructure to create a risk and scenario combination.

  • 4

    Step 4

    Our assessment team assign relative probabilities (with values ranging from 0 to 3) for each risks and scenario combination.

  • 5

    Step 5

    We rank impact values subjectively on a scale of 1–5, with 5 being the highest impact.

  • 6

    Step 6

    We calculate the risk rating, which is the value of the probability figure for a risk/scenario combination multiplied by the highest impact rating.

Penetration Testing

Every organization has an IT environment of some kind, from basic internet access and e-mail to fully functional cloud and web-based applications, often with sensitive or valuable data being processed. We conduct Penetration Testing at our clients to find flaws in their systems in order to take appropriate security measures to protect the data and maintain functionality.

We understand that when a system is not secured, attackers may disrupt or take authorized access to that system. Security risk is normally an accidental error that occurs while developing and implementing the software, we work with our clients to correct such.

Penetration testing

Audit and Cybersecurity

With the growing numbers of data breaches, organization across the globe have elevated cyber security to be a top priority in their business dealings. Cyber-attack is among the greatest risk’s organizations are facing and audit committees are eager to understand the controls an organization has put in place to mitigate cyber-attack. We work directly with internal audit team to help provide technical and control assessment.

Control Design and Control Improvement

Our professional auditors and cyber security experts are posed to assist our clients design new controls or improve an existing control to ensure they are appropriate and operating effectively. We accomplish this by understanding and implementing the followings:

  • The objectives and associated risks to their achievement
  • The actual controls in place based upon preliminary audit work
  • Assessment of whether the design of the actual control is adequate to mitigate risks
  • Assessment of whether the actual control is being applied in practice
  • Our overall assessment of whether the implemented controls, as designed and operating, mitigate identified risks.

We understand that having appropriate controls in place will assist our clients mitigate high, medium and low risks. Our assessment helps clients reached an agreement to whether the implemented controls are design appropriately and operating effectively, and adequate to mitigate identified risks.


Audit Validation and Recommendation Follow-up

We have dedicated team that assist our clients with their Internal Audit, regulatory MRAs, RPAs, RIAs control deficiencies and provide assurance that remediate the identified control gaps.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

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Our approach and solution will not just deliver detailed level cybersecurity analysis of your network infrastructure; but rather focus on mitigation plan of network security risks.
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    We design and evaluate controls, justify technology solutions that support your business processes, in addition to creating management directives (policies, standards, and procedures) according to leading practices.

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